Can migrants be sent back to France by Priti Patel?

Can migrants arriving in the UK, or attempting to get here be sent back to France? Priti Patel the home secretary, who’s favourite nursery rhyme is ‘I’m a little despot, short and stout’ seems to think so. Does she honestly ever bang on about anything else? Well I’ve got some news for her, since incredibly, she doesn’t seem to know, or rather her own inbuilt dislike of people fleeing warzones or poverty appears to dominate her thinking.

Firstly, referring to these people who may be trying to get to the UK as all being ‘migrants’ is a media spin tactic and one Patel embraces, since it implies these people do not need to be here, they just want to come here, no doubt to ‘steal our jobs’, or other common refrains to that effect. I had no idea Brexit was a migrant! It is racist baiting rhetoric from racist right wing sources and that should be condemned by anyone with an ounce of sense.

The fact is these people may be coming here for a whole host of reasons, but put yourself in their shoes for one moment and imagine how desperate their plight may well be, if they’re prepared to try and cross the channel from France to try and find a better life for themselves, particularly if its families with young children. We’ve all seen the pictures of rescues at sea, we’ve all seen the horrific images of when these crossings go tragically wrong, so just think about that. A great many of these so-called migrants are in fact refugees and that’s a major, but often omitted difference.

Now sorting out refugees from migrants happens when these people arrive and seek asylum. Nobody can be turned away when they apply for asylum it is law that they have every right to remain here whilst their application is reviewed. Sadly under the Tory regime we are enduring, they’re not doing a great job of this. We are not supposed to send people back to unsafe destinations, yet it happens. For years, the Tories have been sending people back to Afghanistan under the pretext it was safe, when actually it was only under occupation by Western forces. How did that work out?

While the rest of the world takes tens of thousands of legitimate refugees from there now, we’re only taking 5,000 a year over the next 4-5 years. How I wonder will those in the years long queue to come here survive in the meantime? We said the same thing over Syria, Theresa May as Home Secretary pledged to take 20,000 Syrians over 5 years too. Target was missed and government attitudes have not changed, in fact they’ve only hardened further. Every legal means of coming here to seek asylum have been removed, so whilst the Tories can do nothing about international law regarding people seeking asylum once here, they’ll make it as difficult as possible to get here to start with. and so we come to that question of France.

Can we turn people around and send them back to France? The answer is no. I’ll repeat that again for the serially inept Tory MP Helen Whately who was doing the media rounds on this this morning, the answer is no. It is a violation of international maritime law – if you find someone in trouble, you have to rescue them. Can you order them to turn around? Not if it is unsafe to do so and when many of these people are arriving in small boats and dinghies, attempting to cross one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, it is beyond doubt that they are in danger and should be rescued. Our rescue services can only bring them here, the RNLI for example, so it is dependent upon who exactly rescues such people as to where they end up taken.

Now when it comes to Priti Patel, she’s got serious form for this. She’s already attacked the RNLI for daring to rescue people and has threatened them with legal action if they don’t stop rescuing people and bringing them back here. It is their remit, they will not leave people at sea to die no matter how much she might want that and fair play to them – her attack on them led to a massive upsurge in donations to the RNLI, which operates as a charity and I’m sure such donations were indeed very welcome.

Nonetheless, Patel as recently as July paid the French £55m to increase their border patrols to stop people leaving France and heading here. With the best will in the world however, we’re talking massive stretches of coastline on both sides and you simply won’t catch them all. Sure there’s a safety aspect to stopping them leaving, if they can be stopped for their own safety they should, but it is impossible to stop the most determined from trying again and some will inevitably make it. Of course if this country provided a legitimate means of coming here to seek asylum, they wouldn’t need to take such desperate measures, so perhaps think on that as you ponder the realisation Priti Patel would rather throw tens of millions of pounds at the French to stop tiny boats leaving France, typically at night, often overcrowded, rather than provide a safe route to asylum.

Of course the other concern is that if you want to return people to France, you kind of need France’s permission to do so. They’ve refused. They won’t enable Patel to violate maritime law or endanger lives, as our border force are instructed to actually turn boats around. Our government would face legal action if they did so, so much as once.

Priti Patel has a problem with migrants. It never ceases to amaze me that her own parents came here as refugees in the 70’s from Uganda, that she has such a hardline stance against anyone wishing to come here and seek asylum from another country. The fact is her desire to turn boats around would be illegal, France will never accept these people back anyway in order to safeguard their lives, something our government refuses to prioritise. The RNLI thankfully will and it remains to be seen if Patel follows through on threats to target them for doing so. Anyone once here can claim asylum, it is for them to make their case for that, with the odds stacked against them even if they’re fleeing a warzone, such is the state of that system under the Tories. Our government are spreading racist, divisive rhetoric and desperate people fleeing goodness knows what shouldn’t be scapegoated by despotic little madams like Patel, or anyone else.

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Incel ideology is terrorism. Say it.

On the evening of the 12th August we watched in horror as the events of the first mass shooting on British soil since 2012 unfolded in Keyham, Plymouth. The assailant, a 22 year old called Jake Davison, armed himself, shooting and killing 5 people, including his own mother and a child now reported to have been aged just 3, before shooting himself. First and foremost my heartfelt sympathies to the friends and families affected by this despicable act, I hope you are getting all the support you need at this traumatic time.

Davison was described by the BBC as a former employee of Babcock, that his social media was littered with American propaganda, that he loved guns. They have also repeatedly referred to him as a gunman or a shooter. Would they be calling him a gunman if he was a person of colour? Would they be calling him a gunman if he was Muslim? These are questions many are asking on social media, because so often if that were the case, you might expect him to be labelled a terrorist. The question a lot of people are asking is should this guy be called a terrorist and if so, why are our mainstream media, including the BBC, our publicly funded broadcaster not calling him such?

Look up the word terrorist in the dictionary and you’ll see that a terrorist is defined as someone committing violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims. So what have we learnt about this guy’s politics? Not much if you rely on the BBC!

Well, he was a Trump supporter, he regarded Theresa May as a sell-out, so already we’re getting an impression of some pretty right-wing views here, if our Tory Party isn’t hardline enough for him. He was pro-gun, loved his guns; yet despite having known mental health issues he held a gun licence, massive questions need answering about that, especially in light of it having been taken from him in September of last year and Devon & Cornwall police returning it to him just last month. He was obsessed with the fact he didn’t have a girlfriend and that other men have wives and children to support them in their daily lives. He was embittered by this, he described himself as an incel, as an involuntary celibate, believing he was incapable of attracting women, was a so-called blackpiller in that he believed that this is genetic and the subculture and indoctrination of incel networks are characterised by deep misogyny and aggression towards the opposite sex. Since 2014 there have been at least 7 mass murders resulting in 56 deaths connected with this subculture. Members are typically white, male, straight, possess extremist views and radicalise their subscribers accordingly. Davison’s social media activity, his activity on YouTube, now thankfully deleted, bears out such beliefs in the angry tirades he filmed himself having. When you are being indoctrinated to think a certain way, when your mental health may be such that it renders you susceptible to certain suggestions, when you are having your behaviour altered by what you read, what you see and what you hear you are being radicalised, that is to say you are being trained to think and believe in certain things and in a certain way. How then is this not political? Politics pervades our everyday lives whether you notice this or not. I’m left wing, my videos are quite partisan I’m not afraid to admit as much because its what I believe in, I believe a socialist view is what is best for this country, I give a damn about other people and want to see everyone’s quality of life improve in a society that is far too unequal. If you think likewise, that’s probably what brought you here perhaps and what keeps you coming back maybe. The incel networks do just this too, however their beliefs are very right wing, a damn sight more extreme, far less reasonable and a heck of a lot more violent. It is for this reason that a machete attack on three people in Toronto, Canada last year resulting in one fatality was labelled a misogynist terrorist attack. The charges were 1st degree murder, terrorist activity and attempted murder, terrorist activity. The motive given was incel ideology. Terrorism based on misogynistic ideology – ideology is another word worth defining too, a system of ideas or ideals forming the basis of economic or political theory – politics again. This was a first in Canada, but its clear as day to see that that same ideology played a part in what happened in Plymouth. A different weapon, but the same misogynistic brainwashing, the same hard-right extremism is being evidenced.

So why, WHY is it so hard for our media to just come out and say it? It is the English language after all, these are our words and our definitions, so why are we shying away from this and as many people are rightfully asking across social media and I alluded to earlier, if this person was non-white, if this person was Muslim, for example, would we be using similar nervous language surrounding this terrorist in Plymouth?

I put a video out recently regarding the Batley & Spen by election and of course the subject of Jo Cox was prevalent once more and her killer also subscribed to hard right ideologies, he was involved with far right organisations both here in the UK and the US and when arrested he WAS held under the Terrorism Act 2000. Similar extremist ideologies, similar levels of indoctrination, in both cases there was history of mental health problems too, but why is one considered a terrorist, and Cox’s killer was labelled as such in several media outlets, but this guy Davison is only a gunman? Is it because he killed himself that his ideology no longer matters? Wording matters, terminology matters, how this crime gets recorded and reported and commented on from the media, to TV news, to MP’s matters because we can’t have one rule for some and not apply it to all. That definition of terrorism from earlier? The Terrorism Act 2000 repeats it almost word for word. So this does beg the question as to whether these men were particularly susceptible to these materials and therefore as a country we should be putting mental health at a far more prominent level of care, but also coming down harder on possession or access to extreme materials and ideologies and working with other countries to clamp down on this properly. It’s now been reported that his mother had been begging mental health services for help but was told they were short staffed and couldn’t. That’s on the Tories and their so-called health reforms that have been nothing of the sort and on a piss poor opposition health team doing anything but oppose. Mental health services have been woeful for too long, underfunded, underappreciated and those suffering from it, some of them will be susceptible to suggestion and far right dogma as has happened here and has happened before. It may come to a point as the investigation of this case plays out that it will be determined as an act of terrorism, for that is exactly what it was, but we shouldn’t have to wait for that, for our media to report these things factually and correctly, when we have already seen far too many similar cases before and especially when it gives an impression to some communities that they’d be treated differently if the perpetrator were one of them.

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Leadership. Role Models. Our politicians would do well to emulate these sportsmen, instead of encouraging abuse.

It has been a source of enormous national pride. The conduct of our England football team, 3rd youngest in the tournament, a long way to go in their careers they’ve been exemplary. They have shown themselves to be true role models and Gareth Southgate deserves every plaudit he is getting for the example he has set, the leadership he has shown and the hope he has brought to our national sport, taking us forward into the tournaments to come. Going out on penalties is so often the way for us, but what those young men faced afterwards is intolerable and that stems from an abject lack of leadership.

Three lads missed last night and sadly, the fact they’re all black has become the story of the next day thanks to the racism they’ve faced. The racial abuse these boys are having thrown at them should be a source of national shame and I’m sure it is to the majority of us, who I’ve no doubt will send best wishes to the whole team and offer solidarity to those on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse today.

The Football Association has ‘strongly condemned’ it. Well that’s all well and good, but what are you actually going to do about it? It’s the same message you’ve sent out for years, yet it still goes on. What will you do to stamp it out? Why, with all the technology involved these days, can individuals guilty of such stunts not be kept out? If the technology exists now to check if a goal is a goal, why can disruptive elements within crowds not be as well? Frankly anyone who has booed an opposing team’s national anthem or our own players for taking a knee should be banned because its just foul behaviour and tarnishes our reputation and undermines what taking a knee means, more equality, more diversity, a sign of solidarity and a condemnation of racism.

So much of the abuse is online however and its down to social media companies AGAIN to do more. When abuse is reported it has to be acted upon better than it is. I frequent Twitter a lot, when you put your head above the parapets, trolls will appear, often repeatedly. What’s the point of some of the report functions on there is though? Targeted harassment? Anyone tried that? Waste of time. I can only imagine how bad it must be for people, young men as Saka, Rashford and Sancho  who have much, much bigger platforms. Online abuse is not taken seriously and I can only surmise it is because it isn’t profitable to deal with. Not good enough, way past not good enough.

But to force these company’s hands, you have to have leadership to do so and quite frankly right now if only Gareth Southgate had time to run the country too eh?

It’s impossible not to start with the Prime Minster. Boris Johnson has of course condemned the abuse, he’s been squeezing as much political capital as he possibly can out of Euro 2020, somebody had pithily responded earlier in the week that the only lions they wanted to see on Johnson’s chest would be at Longleat safari park and at one point it did look like he’d emptied B & M of England bunting, but with all the PR in the world, nothing will detract from the fact that the very racism he now condemns, he has a long track record of dishing out himself. Piccaninnies with watermelon smiles, He said muslim women dressed in burqas look like bank robbers or letterboxes, writing books featuring racist slurs, has said black people have lower IQ’s, that Caribbean’s are multiplying like flies, has said gay marriage is akin to marrying a dog and gay men were ‘tank-top bum boys’, has joked about exterminating the ‘Scottish vermin’ and that Hadrian’s wall should be refortified to pen them in a ghetto on the other side, I’ve no doubt there are other instances, but its impossible to deny this country is led by a man with a litany of racist writing and commentary attributed to him as both a journalist and politician, not to mention the fact he told the British public it was OK to boo the England team for taking a knee just days ago! A pledge to investigate allegations of Islamophobia running rife through his party has never been enacted and the media have let it slide. Sadly Johnson isn’t even unique in his own party for this, with Theresa May, Priti Patel and others presiding over racist legislation right up to this day. ‘There is endemic racism in the Tory Party, it is in the system’ A quote from Andrew Lansley the former Tory health secretary on his own party.

In fact today already a Tory MP has been caught out on a Whatsapp group asking if it’d be OK now that Marcus Rashford had missed to tell him to stick to football and Darren Grimes the hard right pimple that even GB News didn’t want made the same sorry recommendation.

Thanks to Rashford, kids haven’t starved during school holidays whilst we’ve been locked down, the guy should definitely enter politics one day, because he gives a damn about other people and sadly Tories and their right wing sycophantic mouthpieces absolutely do not.

Rashford often gets referred to as the Leader of the Opposition and when Labour are little better, that’s not surprising. Aside from the antisemitism allegations that that same quiet media wouldn’t let up on until the day Corbyn went, they too are mired in Islamophobia under Keir Starmer, most recently in Batley & Spen where the 25% Muslim population were accused of deserting Labour on the basis they were antisemitic. Corbyn never denied the existence of racism in Labour, he was tackling it despite the constant media narrative to the contrary, but its so much more blatant now, emboldened as it is now. There’s also the small issue of the Forde Report which, for as long as you’re sat on it Keith, you cannot say you’re serious about tackling racism in your own party.

Despite the two-facedness on show here, there are genuinely people calling it out who always have, there are organisations rightly appalled at this that are demanding better. Can I make a suggestion? If you’re sick to death of this, join one of these organisations. Join Black Lives Matter, it isn’t just a moment Keith, join Stand up To Racism or The Muslim anti-racist collaborative, there are many more. Put pressure on our leaders to do something instead of just wheeling out some weasel words when its politically beneficial to them.

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