New hospital lies from the Tories

Earlier this week we had the spectacle of new health secretary, Mr irreversible, there’s no going back Sajid Javid, a man with an attitude of ‘if you get covid just walk it off’, a chap with all the empathy & bedside manners of Skeletor, sat on a train to Cumbria saying he’s off to open one of 48 new hospitals. Except he wasn’t.

The whole opening new hospitals schtick that the Tories have been whittering about for a long time now has always failed to materialise and even the additional Nightingale Hospitals opened to deal with increases due to COVID were a scam with no additional staff to run them, they were a political stunt and nothing more. Sadly, PR is more important to the shambles running the country than actually running the country and so Javid’s stunt was readily exposed – by doctors at the very hospital Javid was heading for – a hospital that has very much existed for the last 20 years!

What Javid was off to open was a new unit, a new cancer unit. State of the art yes, a great thing for the hospital and if they’d been honest about it, would have reflected well on the Tories, but instead they went with the enormous fib that it’s a brand new hospital! Worse, when the lie got exposed people will naturally have dug down into the detail and it was quickly picked up on by left wing Labour MP Jon Trickett that the unit was actually ordered in 2017, so actually had nothing to do with Johnson or his team whatsoever.

Trouble is, this is just one example of a very dishonest set of claims regarding new hospitals. Hospitals who have had their layouts changed, had a unit replaced, had a refurb, been merged are all being called new hospitals when that is anything but the truth and most damningly, the government is demanding the NHS implicate itself in this lie by backing the government up and saying they are new hospitals too – they’ve issued guidance on it!

The guidance demands that, and I quote ‘the schemes named in the announcement are not all identical and vary across a number of factors, however they do all satisfy the criteria we set of what a new hospital is and so must always be referred to as a new hospital.’

Now there is a paragraph doing some exceptionally heavy lifting! They vary across a number of factors, yes they do, they are all changes to existing hospitals, but therefore still not new hospitals. ‘They satisfy the criteria we set of what a new hospital is’. Well what criteria is this then? The criteria of, we promised in our manifesto that we’d build 48 new hospitals by the end of the decade and of course we lied about that, we are Tories after all, so lets try and spin our way out of this one! That is essentially what this all is, an exercise in spin to make it look like they’re doing something they actually aren’t and as for the criteria?

Well here you are, here’s a box of plasters, lets call it a new hospital shall we? Here’s a tubular bandage, another brand new hospital, here’s some hearing aid batteries an other hospital there and look, I’ve got my very own NHS trust!

This is literally as honest as any of the claims the Tories have just made and the saddest part of it is, is they’re getting away with it because this story has been woefully underreported because most of our mainstream media, particularly the right-wing rags have not picked it up. Once more it is small, alternative media outlets that have exposed this.

The thing is, for all these supposed new hospitals, many have seen bed reductions, where mergers have taken place, services across the board have been reduced, our health service capacity has been reduced over 11 years of Tory rule and its all happened at the worst possible time. A report out today published via the Lancet Infectious Diseases Medical Journal – so not Tory spin, but proper scientific research, has shown you’re twice as likely to be hospitalised by the Delta COVID variant, than the original alpha strain. We’re already seeing cases of COVID rise, particularly in places where schools have already returned and where there have been large gatherings, Newquay for example here in Cornwall is riddled with COVID right now off the back of Boardmasters, Deaths are already back above 100 a day nationally and apparently Johnson considers 1000 deaths a week an acceptable number to keep the country open. How sick of him to put a value on human life – you can bet he wouldn’t value his own as such. If one of these 1000 a week was a member of your family would you consider their death to be for the good of the economy? The vast majority of schools haven’t gone back yet, the government has put no mitigations in place in them despite them being shut for weeks, so you know what is going to happen next.

If you voted for the Tories on the back of their promise to build 48 new hospitals, you were lied to. They want the NHS gone, the pandemic is giving them cover to do it since the additional strain its under excuses their claims that it is unfit for purpose. Fact is they’ve underfunded it, underequipped it and understaffed it for 11 years and just as we may all need it most, it’s at its lowest ebb. It’s what the Tories always do, the NHS has never and will never be safe in their hands, so stop voting for them.

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Embrace Blair’s Legacy? Screw that Keith.

As sure as night follows day, Keir Starmer’s lack of self-awareness rumbles on as we’re now looking at yet another relaunch of his leadership. Corbyn just getting his feet under the table was enough to give the out of touch majority of the Labour PLP a collective brain aneurysm, but Starmer can fail and fail and fail again to make any progress, any inroads with the public, can stand around awkwardly with ice cream and continue to be a pale, male and stale mire of nothingness and still not a peep from them.

This time he’s gone full Blairite, he wants to embrace Blair’s legacy going forwards. How utterly, mind-screamingly stupid a move this is. Blair’s legacy is toxic, but having surrounded himself with the same right-wingers Blair surrounded himself with, we’ve seen them in recent appointments, Peter Mandelson to start with of course, Mr I work every day to undermine Jeremy Corbyn brought in to try and make Labour electable when the majority of members were inspired to join the very party then led by Corbyn, that Mandy despised so much, members who would never join a party led by a Blair clone, so little wonder the party is losing on average 250 members a day, having lost 120,000 of them overall since Starmer took over as leader. There have sadly been others from Blairs team join since.

Starmer is a man so bereft of ideas, that he has surrounded himself by the worst right wingers perverting the Labour Party, that he’s now gone full Tory. Tony Blair was regarded of course by Margaret Thatcher as her greatest achievement – a tame opposition party that would never rock the establishment boat, a safe pair of hands for vested interests should her own party ever fall out of control. Mandelson of course famously said the Labour voter would have nowhere else to go, that this was the perfect scam, the wealthy would never have anything to fear and a servile public would just have to lump it. Labour’s landslide in 1997 was massive, but it came off the back of an incredibly corrupt, far too long tenure of Tory rule – they’d been in power for 18 years. Just as Starmer lied about being a socialist to get elected Labour leader – if only trading standards could be applied to him, he’d have gone months ago – Blair did likewise, it soon became apparent what a weasel he was, because he was essentially a bastard Tory and did bastard Tory things. No council house building, despite knowing it was a crisis then and continued with right to buy, losing even more of our housing stock, tuition fees were introduced, bank deregulation began, did nothing to reverse anti-trade union legislation that Thatcher had brought in, in fact boasted about how tough it was, benefit cuts to single mothers and refugees seeking asylum, disability assessments were introduced, kids as young as 10 with ASBO’s being named and shamed, racially profiling Muslims for stop and search and told them if they didn’t like it to take off their veils, saddling the NHS with PFI’s condemning them to massive debts and paving the way for private firms to come into the NHS, built on since savagely by the Tories, there were outsourcing disasters under Blair as well, he introduced it in the late 90’s and the Tories copied his example after, so many of the problems we see today were happening then too and actually started there. Oh and there was of course the matter of an illegal war that killed a million people. Labour’s polling in subsequent elections suffered as a result – they kept power, such was the dire state of the Tories at that time, Blair of course had Murdoch shielding the public from much of his mess at the time too, but their polling suffered and the party finances did as well. Blair left Labour £25m in debt and utterly reliant on donors for survival. It’s an uncomfortable truth for Blair’s defenders that actually the closest we’ve come to power since ‘97 and the only election where Labour actually gained seats instead of losing them was in 2017 under Jeremy Corbyn. In fact Corbyn got more votes in 2017 than Blair did in 2001 or 2005, it is our crap electoral system that means that that achievement did not translate into more seats than it did. Blair oversaw a haemorrhage in support, a decline in voter turnout as well – turnout used to be over 70% in a general election, it hasn’t managed that since 1997, again, the closest it got was 2017 when a candidate for change, a candidate that inspired people stood for election and offered genuine choice, not two shades of Tory. So much for Mandelson saying we had nowhere else to go, we just stopped voting.

Instead of embracing these facts, instead of accepting Blair and his ilk are yesterday’s men and learning the lessons of recent history, Starmer is now promoting himself as the natural successor to Blair. Blair could at the very least think for himself Keith, you have to focus group everything. Yours so far is a legacy of pint holding and pointing, of standing awkwardly on the beach in a suit as people look away from you, of standing on a platform of socialism and then tearing up every pledge you made. Of losing by-election after by-election, only winning the last one in all likelihood, because the Green Party didn’t stand. Of sacking every socialist from your front bench as soon as you could find an excuse to do so whilst letting off right-wingers bringing shame on the party, of cheering on sporting events whilst failing to show solidarity for your own MP’s who have been vilified or attacked, for shamelessly capitalising on brave stances such as that of Dawn Butler by begging for cash whilst again offering her no solidarity, paying off ex-staff despite legal advice saying the party had a case against them, constantly attacking the left so that members are driven away in disgust. Between lost membership revenue and paying off people you had no right to, the party is now apparently on the brink of bankruptcy, you’re sacking staff as a result, yet hiring more on poorer terms and conditions turning the party of the working class into a bad fire and rehire employer. You’ve overseen left unions withdraw funding and consider disaffiliation, you’ve consistently blocked the release of the Forde Report which no doubt would expose the wrongdoing of many of those you’d paid off, you called Black Lives Matter a moment and with recent proscriptions and the lack of action taken after attacks on left wing Jewish members, not to mention those showing solidarity with Palestine, you’ve overseen a party that has consistently attacked its own left wing more than the government and led the party to become more racist. You’ve utterly failed to act as a leader of the opposition by consistently agreeing with the government on everything, from demanding schools reopen, no ifs, no buts, no equivocation, to demanding they lift restrictions even faster, based on no scientific evidence, but for crass, blatant political gain. You failed to demand male politicians resign, but are quick to demand female ones do – the difference in your responses to Matt Hancock and Nicola Sturgeon. The failure to hold the worst Tory government in modern history to account at the most crucial of times, during this pandemic has failed a nation and cost lives and throughout all of that, you’ve offered no alternatives and no policies.

Frankly we’re at the point where even if you brought in policies and you’ve talked about a Green New Deal in recent days, who would trust you? Who would believe you? You haven’t the conviction to stand by your own pledges, you keep trying to remake yourself every other week with another relaunch, yet the problem remains you are a singularly dislikeable, wooden, political vacuum, an empty suit, an advert for brylcreem but nothing else. You have no original ideas, you cannot think for yourself, you’ve been dishonest in your pronouncements, you’ve all but sent our party broke and now you’re wining and dining donors to fill the void but they aren’t biting much are they Keith! Even Blair couldn’t pull the party out of debt, it was Corbyn that did that, by increasing membership, increasing revenue by embracing the people. Many small donations made a big difference. It wasn’t Corbyn leaving us £25m in the hole, he left us £13m in the black and you and David Evans your unelected, unratified General Secretary have left him suspended from the party for far too long, despite an NEC panel clearing him, have given no indicator when this will be lifted and this has pissed off members possibly more than any other single action you’ve taken and for all that cash he injected into party coffers you seem to have blown it all and have fuck all to show for it.

Tony Blair is reviled in this day and age, people went off him fast, particularly members quickly enough at the time he was still leader. You really think that in this era of social media, of wokeness, of people being better informed than ever before as newspapers fall into decline and independent media offers alternative views and news that won’t be covered elsewhere that you can pull off a con like this when it seems you need someone to tell you what colour underwear to put on each day, let alone come up with a policy? Then you really are as daft as you look. You want us to embrace Blair’s legacy? Forget it. Much of the rot the Tories have wrought in recent years has built off what he started. To embrace Blairs legacy is to inspire the Tories, not oppose them. Your predecessor showed you the way, you pretended to be like him, yet now you say you’re like Tony fucking Blair. No politician as blatantly dishonest and lacking in principles as Starmer will ever succeed. It’s way past time the Party got rid. Clearly it isn’t true that anyone but Corbyn would be 20 points ahead. Its time we demanded he go, no ifs, no buts, no equivocation.

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Diktat from Downing Street kept schools open as the pandemic surged according to new TES Report.

The TES, a weekly educational publication has broken a story this week, courtesy of the excellent Amy Gibbons and based on a scathing new report from the Institute for Government, that Private Pike himself, Gavin Williamson, the fireplace salesman put in charge of the Department of Education, by the feral idiots running the country was actually not involved in any decision making where it came to school shutdowns. Could he have possibly been underqualified by any chance! As it happens, it would appear not to be that straightforward. Despite being his opportunity to take a lead and shine it appears that for whatever reason, all decision making on education was coming from Downing Street instead. The decision to finally shut schools in March of last year was not taken by Williamson. The minister for education was not involved. The decision to send primary school kids back before the summer holidays, despite nobody in education believing it possible under the circumstances, despite Unions and school leaders speaking out, saying young children like this could not be expected to social distance, to send them back at that point, all were overruled as Downing Street demanded they return anyway.

Every time I read or hear stuff like this I’m always reminded, particularly as a science graduate myself that Bozo and Co keep saying ‘we’re following the science’, that their tame scientists, prepared to sacrifice reputation by standing alongside the out of his depth oaf at those damned daily announcements and legitimising his bullshit, that has proven so lethal to so many and expose’s like this remind us that actually, they never bloody have. Everything has been about Johnson’s whims. Remember the words he’s spoken. Let the bodies pile up, Over 80’s should be more concerned about the economy. He is utterly depraved.

Even worse is the fact that after the shit hit the fan during that first lockdown and we have to remember, for all the control freakery the Institute of Government implies here, the Tories were watching COVID roll around the world towards us, see the devastation to countries across Asia and Europe, before us and until the last minute, didn’t take it seriously, took no action, yet going forwards, that trend of taking no action continued. Forward planning in case things flared up again you would think would be the order of the day and although we know they kept screwing up, resulting in second and third lockdowns in November and February of this year, the fact much of this came about because still they made no forward planning, prepared no contingencies is nothing less than criminal negligence and its negligence according to this report that stops with Johnson himself. The civil service planned for nothing because Johnson forbade it and of course for the TES, with their focus on education, the mess regarding exams, the dissatisfactory grading systems, the ignorance stemming from a hardened belief that kids don’t get sick, aren’t as much at risk and again, repeated the mistake of locking schools down too late. Johnson was determined that exams would go ahead, that schools would reopen and that Coronavirus would damn well do as he told it essentially. Just pig fucking ignorance. King fucking Canute mark 2. You can bluff the public, blowhard across right-wing media to deceive the masses, but this doesn’t work on the virus. It doesn’t just pack up and go home. And lessons have never been learned since, the cycle of stupid just continued. Just as Williamson was seemingly frozen out, local authorities were as well, on the basis not enough of them were Conservative! In amongst all of this the government opened up for Christmas, there was Eat Out to Help Out, we’ve seen new variants evolve here as well as arrive here due to never properly implementing travel restrictions. Schools wanted to move back online, Williamson did appear by this point of course, he threatened the schools through their local councils with court action if they didn’t obey the order to stay open. This entire disaster has unfolded from an ignorance and distortion of science, a failed desire to put economic interests ahead of the health and wellbeing of a nation and a level of control freakery and diktat that means the buck very much stops with the buffoon in Number 10, but also with those who have supported, stood by and agreed with his decisions, which inevitably led to repeated U-turn after U-turn. Schools have been the main drivers of Covid-19, we know this, we’re seeing it now as new cases and testing figures decline whilst kids are on holiday. There’s still no impression that anything is going to change ahead of September, there is still too much reliance and belief the vaccine is and of itself the answer. That if Johnson continues to bury his head in the sand it’ll all go away. The vaccine cannot do this on its own. It’s not 100%, its just asking for more resistant variants to start appearing when schools return because it puts the virus under pressure to do so when so many remain unvaccinated, especially in our schools. This government has failed us utterly, continues to fail us utterly, yet an alternative to this madness is nowhere in sight.

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The Real Pandemic is our Politicians

Freedom day looms, but its more Free-doom day in the eyes of many and its not just rotten lefties like me saying it, though sadly the ones you want to be saying it, the ones you want to be calling it out for what it is, our own leaders are failing us. It doesn’t matter what party it is, there’s no concerted pushback against opening up. You might’ve guessed Keir Starmer wouldn’t, too busy with yet another relaunch of himself as he is, still oblivious to the fact Labour’s biggest problem is him and the fact nobody can stand his forensic nothingness, but besides that his track record of supporting the government over repeated Covid mistakes, no ifs, no buts, no equivocation makes him little better than the ruling party, particularly when he’s refused to put forward alternatives, bereft of any ideas that he is. He’s a seat warmer and its maddening that he cannot formulate an idea or a position as more and more people have repeatedly fallen ill or worse since this pandemic began.

As bad as government handling has been though, they’re set to make their biggest mistake of all, tearing up most of the COVID restrictions, reopening the last businesses and venues still closed even though we’re seeing cases rise across the country. Yesterday there were 51,870 new cases and 49 fatalities. That’s the highest since January 11th, when we were a week into the lockdown at the beginning of this year. No sign that they’re going to take that route again now, not with the new Health Secretary sajid Javid and his opinion on opening up being ‘irreversible’. Mr Irreversible, despite being double jabbed, tested positive for COVID himself just today.

Yesterday 1,220 scientists condemned the move. Some convened an emergency summit over the issue of Freedom Day just yesterday, from India, to Italy, France to the US and this has been covered by the Financial Times and Independent to their credit, demonstrating the seriousness of this and their response is chilling even in the middle of a heatwave.

It has been variously described as a ’danger to the world’, on the basis that we act as an international travel hub and a virus outbreak here, particularly of a new variant, of which all the conditions for developing are now in place, will readily spread to the rest of the globe. It has been described by these scientists as ‘unscientific and unethical’, by US scientist William Haseltine, renowned for his work on HIV and AIDS who said ‘It is leading to disaster as we can see in the numbers. I follow the numbers daily in the UK and I am extremely dismayed to see the very rapid rate of increase in infections in a population which is vaccinated like we are. I believe that the strategy of herd immunity is actually murderous: I think that’s a word we should use, because that is what it is; it is knowledge that you are doing something that will result in thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands of people dying. It is a disastrous policy, it’s been clear that that’s been the case for some time, and to continue to espouse that policy is unconscionable.”

Most tellingly I felt came the message from Prof. Michael Baker of New Zealand’s COVID advisory group, who has called out the UK government’s real response from the start – an approach of herd immunity rapidly identified as unacceptable. It’s very hard to argue with the New Zealand experts when they’ve called it right from the start, their government has acted accordingly from the start and their death toll is in double figures as a result instead of 6 figures and climbing as ours is. Why will our government not see reason or listen to reason? Why is the public still apparently backing Johnson right now?

For a start, Johnson is still for the most part shielded by the media, but the continued presence of Professors Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance continue to lend credibility to Johnson’s plans. Whitty is on record as saying recently that with the number of people doubling in hospitals every three weeks we could get into quite scary numbers soon and that we shouldn’t underestimate the fact we could get into trouble again surprisingly fast. Well WHY for the love of God man, do you still stand next to Johnson at those pressers? WHY do you still help him carry out his plans by lending credibility to what he’s doing, by appearing with him? I have to say I’m heartily sick and tired of Whitty’s warnings, when he still turns up to support the government, when he will also trot out lines like there’s ‘no clear evidence’ that delaying opening up would make a difference. Constantly giving contradictory instruction. 1,220 scientists around the world would disagree with that, the stats taken over the last 18 months of this nightmare and the resulting lockdowns combined with vaccinations would suggest there IS clear evidence!

I’m not the only one laying into him, The Lancet’s editor in chief Prof. Richard Horton has gone so far as to say Whitty was ‘wilfully misrepresenting public opinion’ with claims that the Prime Minister’s approach is supported by public opinion – he’s right and Whitty standing in support at all those public announcements is helping to drive public opinion. Stop turning up to them, then lets see what happens to public opinion!

If over 1000 scientists unanimously condemning Johnson isn’t enough for you, if Independent SAGE, if the most eminent peer-reviewed general medical journal, The Lancet condemning our government isn’t enough, the British Medical Journal have also weighed in. Upon opening up they expect record breaking case numbers and most worryingly we’re expected to see our hospitals struggle. Over the last 18 months we’ve lost a lot of medical staff, between getting burnt out during this pandemic or due to Brexit, with so many foreign nationals working in the NHS leaving. We’ve already seen hospitals on black alert, queues of ambulances waiting to get into A&E and planned ops being cancelled & now ever increasing COVID cases too. Hospitalisations are up 621%, ventilator cases are up 338% since the end of May and we haven’t hit Freedom Day yet, when things will get so, so much worse.

What we’re also seeing amongst these positive cases too is that a large percentage of them are amongst the young, just take a look at this graph from Test and Trace on primary schools:

Kids don’t get as ill they keep saying, well I’ve had 4 of them test positive and all have been ill with it. Fatalities will be down though because of vaccination some of you will say, well take a look at this from the ONS:

You can see on the left there infections and you can clearly see schools are driving it once again. We already knew they did, Johnson called them vectors of transmission, yet still they won’t be closed and they even removed the need for masks! Fortunately some schools, my own childrens included, ignored this and reinstated mandatory mask-wearing. Supermarkets have done likewise, they can see the writing on the wall. Then look at the other graphs, hospitalisations and deaths and which groups are most susceptible? The elderly. Again. The double-jabbed elderly. The vaccines are not 100%, people can still catch it if double jabbed, people are still dying despite being double jabbed. The vaccines are not in and of themselves the panacea Boris Johnson and his regime promised they would be and that’s because they had no way of knowing, they keep making shit up. Do they mitigate spread and levels of illness? Of course, but with each variant springing up that becomes less and less the case and when Freedom Day looks set to turn us into a giant petri dish of an island, a plague island, with measures designed not in any way to save lives, but to put economic interests first, all we’ll end up doing is developing another variant, more vaccine resistant variants, more cases of long covid, the long term effects of which are not known, but which are now showing to cause organ damage. What shape will our economy end up in if we end up with more of the workforce being left unable to work? It is economic as well as societal self-harm.

On top of all of this, the Tories got their second reading of their NHS Privatisation Bill through this week which will increase privatisation of our NHS, as well as remove the duty of care to us it has. How dangerous is this? Imagine having treatment refused because you’re too expensive to treat? What if that’s as a result of your having COVID? Labour has been pathetically weak on this as well, but when Starmer’s recently former chief advisor was a healthcare lobbyist and some of their current biggest donors stem from private healthcare, this should come as little surprise. They’re failing us as usual these days, but on the NHS its unforgivable.

In situations where both main parties are shit, the Lib Dems tend to start picking up votes, but that isn’t really happening either, which implies the Tories still enjoy support for what they’re doing.

What they are doing is presiding over an utterly irresponsible, world threatening act of violence against their own people, other nations and combining that with undermining our strained NHS at the same time, pushing policies to wilfully collapse it. Even the Tories who came in after Attlee and Bevan appreciated the value of the NHS, keeping it going, its still going to this day, but the Tories of today view it as a cash cow opportunity for their rich mates, particularly in American Healthcare.

Our leaders are failing us here on all fronts. Boris Johnson is an abscess of a Prime Minister who needs to be excised. To achieve a realistic, lasting end to this pandemic, we need rid of him. His idea of Freedom is Herd Immunity for all of us and it doesn’t work. 150,000 people have already lost their lives to demonstrate that and that’s set to rise because that isn’t enough death to preside over for Bozo. More of us will get ill, more of us will die, more of us will be on the sick, more of us will become financially more stressed, but there will be no mitigation, no support. You can ditch your mask, but at what cost to others? Already out of fear of being told to isolate people are deleting the app designed to keep us informed and keep us safe so they can keep working and that is only going to help the virus spread even more.

The blame for this MUST be landed squarely on the Tories. They have the majority, they’re driving this, it’s Johnson doing what he likes rather than putting our needs first and the best bit for him is that when it all goes to hell, he can blame us for not exercising the caution he told us to. When you change rules to guidelines, it’s setting up a blame game. This has gone on too long, there’s no end in sight still and the buck has to stop with him not us. If scientists around the world are so alarmed, then they need to have a word with their leaders. Ours are failing us. They’re the real pandemic. We’re infected by right-wing politicians acting for themselves and nobody else.

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Covid WTF?

Coronavirus isn’t going away. Cases are rising fast and Freedom Day increasingly looks more like freeing you from wellness or worse. 35,707 new cases on Friday means levels are now at their highest since January and still, Boris Johnson appears determined to relax restrictions come what may. As much as you might want to be back to normal, as envious as you might be when you look at other countries when they have, you know what’s going to happen.

We’ve had to endure three lockdowns to date, the 23rd March and 5th November last year and earlier this year on the 6th January, so as you can see, we’re rapidly approaching the point we locked down that 3rd time, to stay safe, protect the NHS and save lives. This time the government has decided, with just half the country fully vaccinated, to risk our safety, risk the NHS already being overwhelmed and risk lives.

My family has been hit by all this. Despite Cornwall being largely unaffected before, thanks to the G7, Boris Johnson brought the virus crashing down upon us. 2 of my sons tested positive on the 1st. We of course entered 10 days of isolation, it ends on the 11th. Those of us unaffected continued to do the controversial lateral flow tests at home and on the 8th, two more of my children tested positive, confirmed on the Friday by a PCR test at a drive through test centre, so of those 35,000 new cases, 2 are in my family. That’s four of my children affected so far just this month. We again were contacted by test and trace informing us we were to isolate. However we were somewhat surprised to be told that those of us who remain unaffected and for those who tested positive on the 1st, we no longer need to isolate past our original isolation date, the 11th. Despite having two more positive cases in our household, I have 2 children able to return to school and another able to return to work on Monday. I thought this can’t be right surely, I asked the young woman on the phone to double check, she went to a supervisor, came back and it was confirmed – our isolation does not get extended, just the two kids to most recently have tested positive.

The logic is eluding me here, perhaps a kind scientist in this field might clue me in, but I have been told I can send children into school next week despite siblings they share a home with testing positive in the last couple days. Are they now immune? Is that 100%? Can they still bring it into school from their siblings? If so surely we can all spread it to our environment, in which case why has isolation not been extended for us all?

I have of course contacted the school, being the weekend I’ve no idea if I’ll get a response, but I certainly won’t be sending the kids in until I’ve spoken to them. I fully expect them to be scratching their heads too, but maybe they’ve dealt with this before and can explain it to me.

Is it any wonder we as a country aren’t getting to grips with this and actually should be getting increasingly worried that we’re going to be opening up to a point we haven’t at any point before during this pandemic and that those in charge seem to be making decisions that make no sense and aren’t based on any science that I can make any sense of?

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Mass Infection is not an Option.

A group of doctors, scientists and other health specialists brought together by the esteemed Dr Deepti Gurdasani of Queen Mary University London have today published an article in The Lancet and held a press conference, still available to watch on YouTube, slamming the Conservative governments decision to essentially relax all but a handful of restrictions and let Covid-19 run rampant as we see cases rise even before we’ve relaxed them. They have taken this collective action because this decision by the government is dangerous and premature.

We’re already seeing a daily case rate up 71%, at the highest levels seen since February. We’re predicted to see cases of 100,000 a day and with current hospitalisations sitting at around 3%, the Tory message that hospitalisations are down and that vaccination is winning will be a short lived one. 3% of 100,000 is 3,000. That’s 3,000 daily hospitalisations. We’re already seeing hospitals on black alert, queues of ambulances waiting to get to A&E, our hospitals will not cope. They’ll try valiantly, the staff there will give their all, but these are overwhelming numbers. Staff are already suffering the trauma of having had to deal with this over the last 18 months. They are traumatised, they are unprotected, the backlog of other care services mounting up will continue to mount up. Watch the Tories tell us after 73 years of success, that the NHS has failed and is unfit for purpose as a result.

The message from the government is that we have to live with the virus, but the message from Dr Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet is that living with it to this government means to ignore it, he has warned that the NHS will not be able to cope and that this is a government driven by ideology rather than data.

Now I’d made a comment in a previous vid, an off the cuff remark that Johnson was just bored with it all, I still think there’s an element of that, but actually its worse than that, because it’s the frothing bunch of backbench zealots in his own party demanding things reopen that may be more the case. Sebastian Payne of the Financial Times has reported that a government plot to oust Sir Graham Brady as chair of the influential 1922 committee failed and he was re-elected albeit narrowly. Brady is a massive Covid sceptic and his views are more in keeping with the mood of the Tory backbenches than the government – hardly a surprise when even they can see what a balls up their handling of the situation has been. The problem for the government is that, despite their huge majority, the 1922 committee has enough heft to overturn it, should they wish to. Johnson doesn’t wish to rely on Labour votes to get things through, it would make him uncomfortable, so to ease his discomfort, he’s dropping masks and dropping those other restrictions.

The government doesn’t have the votes from their own party to maintain the measures keeping us all safe. Think about it. Securing his own position, power, supercedes in Johnson’s mind, the purpose to which he was elected to office – to protect the country; his pledge to us when Covid struck –  to stay safe, protect the NHS, and save lives. It’s out of the window because red faced, middle-aged, white privilege – which should be the slogan for the 1922 – has spoken. They have learned absolutely nothing from what has happened before and they know now exactly what will happen again. Still they do not care.

It doesn’t matter if you’re immune-suppressed, it doesn’t matter that you’re saddled with long covid, it doesn’t matter if you’re shielding, it doesn’t matter if you’re in school with all these people around you and poor ventilation. In fact it doesn’t matter in actual fact if you’re none of that. The Conservatives don’t care if you get sick or not, are hospitalised or not, die or not, because they want their way and that’s final and their leaders work for them, not for us. When has your Tory MP ever voted in your interest? They don’t, yet our archaic, unfit for purpose electoral system prevents us getting rid of them for as long as there are people who will keep voting for them and they remain in a position to rig that system, boundary reviews and the like. Despite all of this, enough will still vote for them.

The action they are taking now, as Dr Deepti Gurdasani herself said at the press conference is callous and inhuman. It is an abdication of responsibility. Without sufficient numbers being vaccinated – only 50% of the country is fully vaccinated and just a further 17% partially, how can we be protected? How can our most vulnerable be protected? How can the immune suppressed be protected? They can’t be. How can we be adequately protected if people stop wearing masks? They’re there to protect others from you and vice versa.

The government are calling the 19th of July Freedom Day. But who is free? Free from wearing a mask, doesn’t make you free. Wearing masks enables more people to step outside, step on public transport, go to the shop, go to work. Take that away and you take freedom away from those who’s health would see them made prisoners in their own homes for the sake of wanting to stay well, live even. You are not supporting or freeing your communities by forcing members of it to shut themselves away. Not wearing a mask is akin to passive smoking, except it’s a virus that can potentially kill someone that you’re inhaling. You would free yourself from a passive smoking environment wouldn’t you? So why would you condemn others to stay in such an environment?

Freedom from the virus? not if it continues to be put under pressure to mutate and give rise to new variants, variants more resistant to the vaccines we have now and actually this is a global issue. If we become a plague factory, it will spread to the rest of the world too. I’d be looking at the UK in despair right now from another country. The Tories have never taken transmission policy seriously, it’s always been about herd immunity and it has repeatedly failed, so here we go again, the same story. As if it hasn’t been dangerous enough up until now. It’s killed over 150,000 people in this country but the pressure exerted on Johnson, not that he copes well with much anyway, means that number is certain to rise.

But the most damning bit of supporting evidence to Seb Payne’s revelations, on the thinking behind the decisions the government is making? Is despite repeatedly asking to see the science behind the decision to open up on the 19th, despite claiming repeatedly they are following scientific modelling, they won’t publish the modelling. They won’t show us the data they’re following. This decision is more about dates than data and the 1922 committee quite like the 19th of July and so it shall be so.

Aside from more hospitalisations, more cases, more fatalities, the biggest unknown remains the Long Covid aspect. This leaves people crippled for months if not years. Unable to think straight, unable to concentrate, unable to study or work, chronically exhausted. This affects 10% of all patients and isn’t age specific either. If you can’t work, the economy takes a hit and engineering things to try and mitigate that won’t wash. Action such as the rumour we’re hearing for instance that Lateral Flow Tests, already questionable in how effective they are, may be charged for soon. Who has the contract for that and has to make a profit? Who would buy a test like that? How many will delete the test and trace app for fear of being told to stay home and not work, when their finances are under strain and cases are soaring? If you can’t be tested you can’t be positive.

People don’t just suddenly get better from poorly understood conditions such as Long Covid either, but then again, look at how the sick and disabled have been treated by the DWP for the last 11 years and don’t imagine the Tories are going to start giving a shit now.

Freedom Day is an attempt to show we’re winning when we’re losing, an illusion of freedom when we’re instead getting bigger shackles, an attempt to alter our thinking so that we will accept their ideology and as such accept a certain level of long term illness, disability and mortality as an inevitable price that we must pay.

This is helped along by the ever-present figures of Whitty and Vallance, who for me, it is incredulous they’re prepared to trash their reputations by standing next to Johnson supporting this nonsense. The odd note of reservation doesn’t make up for the fact they’re visibly being seen to support this impending disaster. The thin veneer of respectability they offer is a tragedy.

If the government were committed to a proper Freedom Day, they’d delay it until far, far more people are vaccinated, Dr Richard Horton recommends 70% and we’re at 50% right now as I mentioned before. They’re calling it hybrid immunity because half are vaccinated, but for the rest its herd immunity still. If they were committed to a proper Freedom Day, they’d implement a proper find, test, trace and isolate system that works, that puts dealing with the virus first instead of ensuring private companies can make a profit out of it.

We’ve been failed utterly by the Tories. Failure for an alternative to be offered ensures they’re still comfortably safe in power. It’s time for opposition parties to work together to oppose this, its time for trade unions to play a part in holding this sham of a government to account, because sadly without pressure being applied from without, the pressure being applied from within will win out. And when it’s the worst of the crackpot Conservative backbenches in the driving seat, we’ll continue to be a pariah state on the rest of the world and we’ll continue to have our daily lives blighted.

Freedom? That day won’t come until the last Tory in government is given their marching orders and given the democidal nature of their actions, has their day in the dock.

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Lifting of restrictions once more against scientific advice. Johnson has invoked his inner Lord Farquaad.

COVID cases are on the rise and our blithering idiot of a Prime Minister announces the lifting of most restrictions on the 19th July where he admits cases will probably be in the region of 50,000 daily with more hospitalisations.

He’s invoked his inner Lord Farquaad – some of you may die, but that is a risk I am willing to take. It might be from a kids film, but the words in this context are chilling. Masks will be optional, so that’ll encourage the spread. Regardless of your thoughts on Johnson’s actions here, unless you’re an anti-masker, anti-vaxxer idiot, you know this will encourage the spread. I wear my mask to protect you from me when I’m out and about. Its for your benefit more than mine. I hope its especially beneficial today.

Johnson doesn’t care, he’s bored! The hospitalisations, thanks to the superb vaccination program the NHS conducted are a tenth of what they were, but opening up he has admitted will probably change that. But is that down purely to vaccination? How much of it is due to so many vulnerable people having died already?

It has to be noted here that, despite unfathomably still appearing next to Johnson, Professor Chris Whitty noted that cases will go up, the link between vaccination and infection is weakened, not gone and as a result we can expect deaths to rise. He also made the point that decisions are made by ministers not scientific advisors, so although I do not understand how he can bear to be there, he is right – the blame must lie with Johnson and his regime.

Just let all that sink in for a second. It is the Farquaad Presumption: Deaths will rise, but it’s a price Johnson is willing to pay.

Compounding this further will be the case that anyone already double vaccinated will no longer have to isolate if exposed. Since when did double vaccination offer 100% protection from illness or infection? It never has no matter which jab you had.

The stupidity of this government regarding schools is compounded further as school bubbles are done away with. Petri dishes without any oversight. Under 18’s no longer required to isolate if found to have been close contacts.

Nightclubs can reopen, stadiums and sporting venues can open to full capacity, working from home will be unnecessary, but hey, at least they finally realised the sense in having travel restrictions from abroad in place, they’ll leave them in place.

If we’d had them to start with we could’ve stopped this virus in its tracks. It doesn’t swim very well and we live on an island! Doesn’t take rocket science and at least New Zealand realised it – they’ve been fully open for months, safe in the knowledge they can’t possibly infect anyone else because they took the zero covid route, rather than, ‘lets let it blow through the population’, as Johnson went for. We’re being used as Guinea pigs again. In the face of our vaccination program and despite rising case numbers, the Tories are going to unlock fully and the rest of the world will be watching us like some morbid reality TV show to see what happens.

Those most disadvantaged are the poorest, the disabled, the clinically extremely vulnerable and ethnic minorities. These are the most at risk regardless of the measures put in place, so to remove them entirely is to throw these people to the wolves, to decide their lives are worth less for the sake of ‘freedom’. My wife nearly died last year when she caught it. She’s currently holed up in her room away from two of my sons who currently have it. It isn’t funny, it isn’t fair and if the government really wanted to do this, then get everybody jabbed up first and THEN see how the numbers stack up – I would hope we’d see a change, I would think, with restrictions and protections for those most vulnerable, the science can then analyse what happens without unnecessarily risking lives, which right now it seems callously intent on doing.

Lets use antibiotics as an analogy here. Lets consider everyone to have had both jabs to have taken their full course, as per doctors orders and as per vaccine manufacturer guidelines. There are those who have had no jabs, therefore are vulnerable entirely to infection. Then there are those who have had one jab, not fully protected and analogous to those who haven’t completed their course of antibiotics. We’ve all read the posters in the GP, we’ve all been told this by our GP’s – you complete the course or resistance can be built up against the drug. This is what is being encouraged in those who have had just one jab and indeed to an extent in people who have had both since they don’t offer 100% protection – the virus is put under strain and this encourages mutation, this gives rise to new strains. Its little wonder some scientists are saying we’re going to become a variant factory. We’re going to run out of Tories to name them after!

This all comes into effect on the 19th, 2 days before schools close for summer. A cynic might think that that’s intentional in the hope we’ll see numbers fall, that the relaxation will encourage people to go on holiday and enjoy themselves with no restrictions in sight.

There will be those who will complain at my attitude and complain about the economy, but as far as I’m concerned the economy is only geared towards supporting the very assholes making this decision and not the people, us who it is meant to work for. An economy can be repaired, lives cannot be replaced. Each and every one lost is a tragedy, but to this lot, we’re just numbers on a spreadsheet. If they truly wanted to do this right, they’d vaccinate us all, continue to test,trace and isolate, though ideally better than they have been, keep border controls and continue to monitor the situation with a view to bringing back restrictions if needed and none of this its irreversible crap.

We need a response to this, we need some recourse. It’s too much to hope the damp squib of a Labour Party we have will do so, I can hope the trade unions maybe get their heads together at this point for the good of the nation, but ultimately we must all speak out too. For far too long this apathetic country has allowed these monsters to do what they like. When is enough going to be enough?

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Live with it. The new Tory Covid strategy sounds much like the old one.

So the message now is that after 150,000 deaths due to failing to get to grips with Covid properly, the government are simply going to wash their hands of the matter. Your loved ones that have passed away, they don’t matter any more. Lost your job, got ill yourself, have other family members suffering the effects of long Covid? None of it matters.

Under the diktat of new Health Secretary, the banker cum Thunderbirds villain Sajid Javid, it has been decreed that we just have to live with it. Herd Immunity excuse 101. It didn’t have to be this way, the government could have pursued zero covid as other countries have successfully done and kept the virus at bay properly so we could safely carry on our lives as normal. They decided to let it blow right through us and have taken a sticking plaster policy position towards it ever since, failing all the way. The only success story has been vaccine rollout thanks to the NHS and only thanks to the govt in so far as they stayed the fuck out of it. Sadly we can’t get them out of the way of anything else!

With an ex banker in charge of the NHS it’ll come as no surprise that Saj has got his spreadsheet out and worked at this from a cost perspective rather than health. Living with it isn’t helpful when for some of us living with it literally stops us living. He’s already on record as saying there will be no going back, when we open up it will be irreversible. The virus if it had hands will be clapping them with glee. Thanks to Tory ineptitude, we’ve seen several variants spring up and spread through our population, and as a result even people who have had both vaccination jabs have fallen ill once again. People repeatedly getting ill, passing away, children getting sick as our schools become petri dishes instead of education settings and you can see the economic stupidity of his remarks. Javid has come into this job with his fingers in his ears.

Nowhere is this more evident right now than Cornwall. Of 72 designated Covid areas, 68 currently have cases, in several of these they’re rising, despite the G7 being almost 3 weeks ago, its legacy remains. One of those areas rising is where I live, Helston, where we’re up 40 cases in a week – 2 of those cases being 2 of my own children. My wife is Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, caught it last year and was chronically ill and now she could catch it again. Another son, aside from being off work through isolation, would’ve been anyway as both his bosses have come down ill and a whole restaurant has closed.

This is one example of real life ramifications. This story will be repeated the country over if we have to live with it as we are now. We are only being told this because they’ve failed and now they’re compounding their failure by, according to Robert Jenrick this morning, deciding masks, which protect others from ourselves, will no longer be needed. My boy, who is ill right now, his school recently reimposed them as essential. Who would you trust more?

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