British response to refugees is shameful.

The sight of people trying to flee Afghanistan as the Taliban moved in and took over was harrowing to see. People cramming onto aircraft if they were lucky enough to get on one, some so desperate that they were tying themselves to the wheels or clinging onto the sides, literally risking death to escape, only for death to claim them, yet our sorry excuse for a government? They all seem to be on holiday while it happens.

As with any war, innocent lives are not only lost but displaced as well. It happens every time and sadly all too often this side of the story isn’t spelt out, isn’t told, all too often our media play it down not wishing us to be informed as to what the human cost is. Death figures are harrowing of course, but they are numbers on a sheet, people displaced by war, driven from their lands, homes destroyed, jobs gone, nowhere to go and in need of help that doesn’t always come – well, these are real people, still there and the picture becomes far more complex.

For those countries that do put their hands up, that do acknowledge their role and that they need to play a part in helping the innocent caught up in atrocity deserve to be applauded for their efforts. Germany have said they’ll evacuate 10,000 Afghans, naming translators and human rights lawyers specifically – those who worked with the West for 2 decades and are at risk of execution if caught. Angela Merkel has also said that she’ll work with other European countries to facilitate more. Good luck with dealing with Emmanuel Macron of France on that, since he seems more interested in blocking flows of ‘migrants’ from Afghanistan – they aren’t migrants, they’re refugees, learn the difference –  and has vowed to develop an EU initiative to stop them. Pandering to the far right in his own country to try and save his own political hide at the expense of displaced victims of war. Centrism for you – people hanging off planes and falling to their deaths and he wants to put the boot in.

The US plan on taking 30,000, Canada 20,000, even Uganda has pledged to take 2,000, now there’s a country that knows something about citizens displaced by war.

But what of the UK, how many are we taking? Boris Johnson is on record as saying we must not turn our backs on Afghanistan, Boris Johnson has mumbled something about an Afghan refugee scheme this week, but would they really want to come here given our track record?

Since 2008, the UK have deported, under the guise of repatriation, 15,575 Afghans back to their home country on the basis that their country was safe. It’s another untold Windrush story. By 2015 an average of 100 Afghans a year were being sent back, including people who arrived here as children, have known nothing else. Their formative years were spent here, they studied here, passed qualifications here, were raised by foster families here, but the minute they hit 18, back they went. In fact an investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism found Afghan children were more than twice as likely to be refused permanent asylum as children from anywhere else.

How many more days will it be before Johnson informs us how many refugees the UK is going to take? Why is it taking so long? Why also, is he not being put under any pressure by the opposition, where is Keir Starmer in all of this, how many refugees does Labour think we should take? Oh, he’s apparently going to wait until the government produce some numbers first. Pathetic, he’s going to Captain Hindsight this as well. Johnson will name a number and he’ll go that’s not enough and raise him what? 100? A thousand? and then Johnson will go slightly higher. This is what passes for leading the opposition these days, utterly useless. Canada has already received a planeload of refugees, whilst we can’t make our minds up how many we’ll take still!

It’s hardly surprising, Johnson was on holiday and the de facto deputy prime minister and Geography impresario, Dominic Raab, who also, without any trace of irony is the foreign secretary was also away! He was warned ahead of heading off to a beach in Cyprus, that things were escalating in Afghanistan and that he shouldn’t go. Naturally, being all about himself as Tories invariably are, he went anyway. He’s had to be dragged back, refusing to budge for several days and mumbled a mealy mouthed ‘nobody could see this coming’ when he got back! Literally the PM and Deputy PM were absent from duty, nobody holding the fort, because y’know, don’t these Taliban types realise the UK is on its hols! Nobody could see it coming? You were told before you left! Jeremy Corbyn warned Blair about this in 2001, but y’know, who listens to jam making vegetable botherers! Well he was right again!

He’s also mumbled about increasing aid to Afghanistan by 10%, but this is after the UK cut foreign aid there by 78% just last month! They knew the Taliban was advancing then and all the while aid and military were being pulled out. What bloody good is 10% after that you pathetic worm of a man and who will it be paid to now, the Taliban?

And of course wherever there’s talk of the UK taking people in from elsewhere you just know Home Secretary Priti Patel will have said something dreadful and that chronic woman has already squealed about migrants – again, they aren’t migrants! They haven’t made a choice to come here, they’ve literally nowhere to go, the very definition of a refugee – they’re seeking refuge for heavens sake! She wants to make sure we only take people of value apparently! Good job Ted Heath didn’t feel the same way when he opened the UK up to refugees fleeing Uganda, since that included Patel’s bloody parents! Uganda, the same country now taking 2,000 refugees, which is 2,000 more than we currently are!

Patel is more concerned about the message this will send to other refugees who might want to come here. She is inhumanly cruel and callous, it is just astonishing given her own personal family history that she thinks the way she does and worse, that she’s in a position of privilege such as she is as Home Secretary.

We owe the people of Afghanistan. We stoked dissent there during the Cold War, we trained many of the fighters who later became part of the Taliban back in the 80’s to fight the Soviets. That proxy war left a country torn apart by civil war which laid the foundations for the Taliban to take it over. Displaced Afghans came here as children only to be sent back the minute they turned 18 as the country was deemed safe, during the 20 years a Western supported government held up but in reality the entire thing was built on quicksand. Trillions of dollars wasted without giving any thought to the country being able to support itself and its gone to hell inside 10 days.
Our government, We in Great Britain, we owe the people of this country a lot. We’ve caused chaos over the last 40 years in Afghanistan as a nation, the least we can do now is take some of those who’s lives have been destroyed thanks once again in part to this country, offer them a new, permanent home somewhere safe to rebuild. We should all demand it, we as a country need to do our part.


Its now emerged we’ll be taking 20,000 refugees, but over the course of 5 years! What the hell these people are meant to do while they wait I don’t know, but this is effectively washing our hands of the situation and should shame us all. Demand better.

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Bravo Dawn Butler, but Parliament fails us again.

Yesterday just before breaking up for Summer Recess Dawn Butler dropped a few home truths on the Tories about their liar of a leader. She called out his lies. She called out his dishonesty and yet this farce of a House of Commons threw her out for the rest of the day because her language was unparliamentary.

Fuck unparliamentary. Fuck it from a great height, Boris Johnson is a consummate liar and yet our MP’s are forbidden from calling a spade a spade. Boris Johnson is doing real damage to this country and can lie with impunity over it, because he is never dragged back to correct the record. The parliamentary process, the parliamentary language, the parliamentary rules, the pomp and circumstance, the tradition, fails us the nation in doing so. Yet for another MP to call it out? Not allowed. MP’s are not allowed to accuse each other of deliberate deceit. It ties opposition hands and allows a government made up of ministers more than happy to break the rules, to abuse parliament, to abuse what passes for our democracy these days, and to keep on doing so. Such ministers are expected to resign should they deceive the House, but of course that leaves things up to them doing the honourable thing and when they actually have no honour, we end up where we are, with no apparent recourse to even call that out, let alone act upon it. To compare the ridiculousness of this, take the example of 5 Tory MP’s who were recently found to have attempted to sway judges in the case of a sex-offending Tory colleague and all that happened was they lost a day’s pay! A criminal act going unpunished, but accuse an MP of lying? No hesitation – away with you.

It’s not like its even news, we all know Johnson’s a liar. the Peter Stefanovic viral video has now had over 27 million views, clearly showing his lies in action and journalist Peter Oborne has written an entire book all about his dishonesty. Former Tory colleague Rory Stewart called him ‘the most accomplished liar in public life’, another former colleague Anna Soubry said ‘he lies as easily as he draws breath’. That Johnson is a liar is demonstrable and beyond doubt. So why are our elected representatives prevented from calling him one?

Compounding this further are the public dismissals. Daily Fail reader comments referring to her as ‘another Diane Abbott’ in order to discredit her whilst lacing it with a bit of casual racism, shameful but par for the course with gutter rags of that ilk and those that choose to read them, those who would forgive Johnson if he ate a baby on live TV and then defend him when he inevitably lies about it. But worse is the lack of support coming from her own party. So many sitting on their hands not commenting, those that are are almost all from the left and some like Angela Rayner attempted to jump on Dawn’s coattails by repeating the liar line whilst forgetting to even mention Dawn Butler at all. We see you Ange! Barry Sheerman said she was no Dennis Skinner! Why does she need comparing to a white man even if he is a legend Barry? More’s the pity you’re still sat on those benches and Skinner isn’t! Chris Bryant, apparently Labour and a wannabe speaker himself, defended the deputy speaker who threw Dawn out, saying she had no choice. She did, she didn’t have to go there, but raised a point that such things have to be debated. Who gets to choose what to debate though? The House, by voting on a motion to do so and which has a Tory majority of 80. You really think it’d be heard? But as for Keir Starmer, he’s ignored the entire issue, instead reverting to sport once more because the Olympics are up and running. The Silent Knight, silent on his actual job as always. There’ll be a statement involving at least 6, possibly 7 Union Flags, just to make sure, plus pub shots featuring an untouched pint in one hand and some forensic pointing at a telly with some Greek Wrestlers on or some such coming up, you know it’s bloody coming. No solidarity, no support, just the usual flaccid uselessness we’ve come to expect. The political equivalent of an erectile dysfunction. Perhaps once his focus groups have had a chat he’ll come to a decision, but more likely he’ll leave it to someone else and then Captain Hindsight it, acting like it was his idea afterwards. It’s not like there were many Labour MP’s in the chamber at the time, but they should’ve walked out with her, that they didn’t is another scandal.

Johnson can get away with lying at any time, to justify any act and nobody is allowed to call him such in parliament. That is what it means these days to behave in a parliamentary manner. For us on the outside, or even Dawn Butler on the inside calling him out for it? It’s a minor inconvenience to him. Parliamentary democracy is a farce. It needs tearing up and starting again.

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