About Cornish Damo

My name is Damien Willey, better known as Cornish Damo…

What am I?

I’m a former welder, I’m not a journalist. What I ended up being is an unpaid carer to my disabled wife and daughter and therefore my output, my writing, my rants, stem from living under Tory rule, of being on the receiving end of the way they treat poorer families, vulnerable families, disabled people and the fear of losing what pittance of support they they get at the hands of wicked assessment processes designed not to assess what help you need, but whether they can find a way to strip you of your last means of getting by.

I wasn’t always political, but your experiences shape you. Then a scruffy-looking allotment holder with a beard became leader of the Labour Party and connected with me in a way no politician ever had before. He brought hope and even though that time has now passed, I’m not inclined to go quietly back to apathy. I’ve been at the sharp end of Tory rule for a long time and I now use the social media platform I’ve built up through years of activism & campaigning to do more. My video’s, my ‘Damo Rants’ have become a vehicle to call out the injustices of society and the anger and frustration of many people. My anger is your anger, my disgust is your disgust.

Now I do even more. Now I work with exceptional journalists, political minds & like-minded campaigners on Socialist Telly, producing programming to expand the reach of the Ordinary Left, those of us who just want a better life, because we’ve all been directly affected by how this country is run, in the interests of a super rich few.

So what am I? I’m an unpaid carer, an angry ranter, a vlogger, a blogger, an interviewer, a presenter and a political commentator. What I am is not ever backing down and never going away. What I am is independent minded and beholden to none.
I’m a voice for those who feel voiceless. It’s a loud one. With your support, I’ll keep getting louder.